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Screen Shot - Shopping List Screens...

Shopping List master header screen

This is the Shopping List Header screen, you can setup and have multiple shopping list going at the same time.
As you can see the Detail Shopping List, Print and Clear options are located here.

Shopping List detail line items screen shot

This is the detail line items during shopping list. Notice how the product and coupon views have filtered down to that single product. It does that by using the Name Brand as the primary key and the Description as the secondary key to filter down the match. You can create your shopping list with very little typing, after selecting the Name Brand you can double click a product to insert it and enter qty, verify prices then double click coupons to insert them as needed.

Shopping List print-out screen shot

This is the Shopping List print-out display screen, notice how it groups by Category and sub totals.
You can even save this as a PDF file or Spreadsheet format.