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Series Two Release (Support)

    On January 18th, 2013 I released a new Series Two version of la Coupon-Tracker, this Series version number starts with the number 2, like v2.0.15. The Series One version started with the number 1, like v1.0.15. The series One version was developed using Microsoft Office Access 2007 as the database platform, mainly because that's the version of Access that I had at that time. The new series Two version uses Microsoft SQL Ce as the database platform. So now, the new la Coupon-Tracker databases are embedded into the application and is no longer dependent on Access 2007 drivers.

   The advantage of the new Series Two Version of la Coupon-Tracker is how easily it installs and runs on most any Windows based platform including the new Windows 8. This was not the case with the previous series. In fact the Series One was a nightmare because of it's dependency of Microsoft Office Access 2007 drivers and runtime. Now days, for newer 64 bit machines running newer versions of Microsoft Office or even machines not running Office at all, it had become almost impossible to install la Coupon-Tracker Series One with the Access databases.

What's Next For Current Users of Series One?
  • The Series One Version of la Coupon-Tracker has been Discontinued...
  • I will no longer release updates to the Series One version of la Coupon-Tracker.
  • The last update is v1.0.19 (this update can still be downloaded at Last Update Series One...)
  • The Series One and Series Two Versions are NOT compatible with one another...
  • The Series One and Series Two Versions should NOT be installed on the same machine...
  • There is no upgrade or data transfer from Series One to Series Two.
  • Other than the database platform, series Two was identical to One, at the time of it's release.
Limited Time Offer for Current Users...
  • Download a FREE Copy of the Series Two Version of la Coupon-Tracker before August 1st, 2013.
How To Download Your Free Copy:
  • 1st, make sure that you understand that you will have to setup and re-enter all of your data.
  • Startup the current version of la Coupon-Tracker.
  • Verify that the Version Number starts with the number "1". (this indicates Series One)
  • Select the Read EULA link from the Main Menu Screen.
  • From the License Agreement Screen - Record the Activation Key. (you will need this key)
  • Optional: If you have Microsoft Access 2007, you can copy the CouponTracker.accdb to another folder and access your old data using Access 2007. (C:\laCouponTracker) later after installing the new Version. Make sure you do this prior to un-installing.
  • Exit la Coupon-Tracker.
  • Using Control Panel locate and select Programs and Features.
  • Under Programs and Features locate La Coupon-Tracker and Select, then Un-Install.
  • After un-installing, make sure the folder C:\laCouponTracker has been removed, if not then Delete it.
  • Then download and install the new Series Two Version of Laurie Ann's Coupon-Tracker (14 Day Trial)
  • Start it up and activate the 14 day trial.
  • Send me an email alone with the Activation Key that you recorded from the 5th step above.
  • Then look for an email with a new Activation Key File, install it and enter your key.