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Updates (Series Two)

Installation Instructions

*** WARNING ***

Make Sure You're Running the Series Two (2) Version (see below)

  • This is the New Series Two Updates, do not download from here if you're still running Series One.
  • Verify the current version that your running (on main menu screen) Make sure the 1st number is a "2" If not then STOP!
  • Download and SAVE update file to your Documents or Download folder so you can find it later... (DO NOT RUN from website)
  • After Saving update file to your hard drive, Exit Laurie Ann's Coupon-Tracker..
  • Locate the update file that you saved at step one. (laCouponUpdate.exe)
  • Double Click laCouponUpdate.exe (Note: it could be a 2nd or 3rd copy like laCouponUpdate.exe(2))
  • Select the Unzip button.
  • Startup Laurie Ann's Coupon-Tracker and verify version.

Click here to download the latest Version 2.0.03 Build 10/15/2015, if you're already running this version, no need to update.

* All updates are accumulative...

Version Release Changes
v2.0.03, 10/15/2015 Misc Internal Updates...
v2.0.02, 06/22/2015 New Feature - Barcode Reader Function when Adding New Coupons... click here for more info...
v2.0.01, 01/30/2013 New Feature - Coupon Export Utility - Mainly a Copy/Paste into Excel Spreadsheet.
New Feature - Quick Relieve Utility - Able to modify coupons from using a data grid.
See NEW Video Set 6 for new features.
v2.0.00, 01/18/2013 Converted to SQL Ce database... New Series Two Release
Added New Reference field to the Coupon Table.